A Heritage of Craftsmanship

As is the case with many great American businesses, Streetrod's beginnings trace to a humble garage in a small town. Craig Schmidt first began fabricating custom golf cars in the mid-nineties. By the year 2000, he had assembled a team and developed a product of extreme value and recognition. 

In 2015, another local company acquired Streetrod. Pritchard Companies, a family-owned automotive conglomerate, saw great potential in the team’s passion for building and devotion to quality. Since the acquisition, Streetrod has continued to build the classic, custom cars it’s globally acclaimed for while also embarking on exciting new endeavors.

The all new LUX was launched at the PGA Show in January of 2018. Built with the same attention to detail as Streetrod’s Vintage line but with a cunning, modern aesthetic, the LUX is bringing a level of quality never seen before in mainstream golf. Please visit our 'NEWS' tab to see the vehicle's latest accolades. 


This year, Streetrod continues to push boundaries as the dealership network expands rapidly and the manufacturing facility quadruples in size to satisfy demand. Whether you’re a recreational golfer, neighborhood cruiser, or golf course owner, you’ll love the class, craft, and comfort of a Streetrod Golf Car.